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Do You Need Orthotics or Foot Support, or not at all?

Arch support, orthotics, heel lifts, rigid ankle support, are all common components of footwear. They might have been implemented to correct a problem like plantar fasciitis or calf pain, or often they’re just part of the expensive supportive shoes we buy. But should we have all this “support” at all? In a study on foot…
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2nd September 2019 1

Ankle Rehab: Sprains, Breaks, Calf Tightness, Mobility

While sprains are the most common ankle injury, tendon injury, muscle strains, joint dislocations, and fractures are frequent as well, especially in sport. There are 3 main goals that need to be effectively addressed when coming back from an ankle injury with rehab: 1️⃣ TISSUE HEALING Depending on the type and severity of the injury,…
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2nd September 2019 0

Plantar Fasciitis Rehab

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot conditions, and can cause extremely sharp and painful arch pain from the base of the heel to the base of the big toe. Your plantar fascia is the ligament structure on the sole of your foot that supports your longitudinal arches (arches from your heel to…
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2nd September 2019 2

Bunions: Causes and how to fix them

Both painful and unsightly, bunions are essentially a problem of developed footwear. Sustained compression of your toes over years and years forces the big toe to deviate towards the middle of the foot, changing the tone of the muscles that control toe alignment and misshaping the joint. But what causes bunions, and how do you…
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2nd September 2019 0

Shoes shaped like your feet, or feet shaped like your shoes?

Are your shoes shaped like your feet, or are your feet shaped like your shoes? When shoes first appeared tens of thousands of years ago, the purpose was clear cut: protect your feet. Somewhere along the line, cultures decided that there was a desired aesthetic for both shoes and feet, and suddenly that protective purpose…
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30th August 2019 3

Running vs. Barefoot Running

Are you running differently to your ancestors? Chances are, yes, you are. Modern running vs. barefoot running has developed quite the difference over the last half-century. For as long as bipedal (two-legged) beings have evolved, there has only been one form of running that they have been built to perform. The human foot with 33…
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30th August 2019 0

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